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Atticus' close up
Gender Male
Relatives Father: Seymour
Mother: Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Appearance Black Eyes: Yellow Eyes
Voiced By Lil' P-Nut

Atticus is a character from the Happy Feet franchise. He is the baby penguin who was like his father, Seymour.


Atticus is the son of Seymour and he looks alot like him, being taller and chubbier than the other chicks. Also, as most male emperor chicks have a spike sticking out of their mask, Atticus has two. This may mean he will get the flame-neck pattern like Seymour when he grows up. He is very good friends with Erik and Bo.

He is a good rapper like Seymour and a good dancer. He has a big appetite and gets hungry often. He is also very confident. He cares alot about his friends.

He is really good friends with Erik, as he helped him calm down when they realized that the trapped emperor penguins were doomed to die. He is also really good friends with Bo, dancing with her at several points throughout the film.

Atticus likes to be a DJ, like his father, Seymour, crating songs from any inspiration.


Atticus has grey feathers on his body, a yellow beak as a chick, a overweight belly similar to the other chicks have, and yellow eyes.

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