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Bo (Boadicea)
Char 63478
Gender Female
Relatives Mother: Miss Viola
Father: Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Appearance Black Eyes: Brown Eyes
Voiced By Meibh Campbell

Bo (Boadicea) is a supporting character in Happy Feet Two. She is the daughter of Miss Viola and the best friend of Erik and Atticus.


Bo looks rather like Gloria when she was a baby; slightly shorter than the other girls and has a rounder mask and face, and a larger tail, and very bright brown eyes. This may mean she might look like Gloria when she grows up. Whatever it means, you can tell her apart from other baby penguins by this. Her mask ends in a point a looks like a heart.


Boadicea is a perky, fearless and sweet little penguin. She loves and looks up to her mother, who she sees as a good role model. She is usually soft spoken and logical but will stand up to bullies and those who attempt to harm her or her friends (like when she tried to flip over Bryan). Bo is strongwilled and has a postitive outlook on life. It is shown she is intelligent, as she is able locate a shortcut across the crevice and when Atticus was confused when the "aliens" started cutting the Doomberg, she corrects him and said that they were building the way out (which they were). She also seems to have good vocabulary; knowing words like "fugitive" and "rebels". She is also very playful and romantic at the same time.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

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  • Boadicea's shortname is Bo.
  • There are rumors that Bo could be Erik's girlfriend.
  • In the 0.5 continuity, Bo seems to be interested by death, as she initially dismissed Mumble's story as a "boring, historical story" before Gloria mentions that someone dies within the story (this being a reference to Cliff), this interesting Bo enough to listen to the story.
  • In the Fanfiction Series "Mumble SquarePants", Bo plays as Pearl.