The Doomberg as seen in the begining of Happy Feet Two

Not to be confused with Doomberg Cave.

The Doomberg is how the inhabitants of Emperor-Land nicknamed the huge iceberg that blocked the only entrance and exit of their territorry. The Doomberg is the main antagonist of Happy Feet Two.


At the beggining of the film, it is shown how some drops of water fall in a crack in the ice. This crack gets wider and wider, until a huge piece of ice was separated from the continent. Later, the water brought back this piece of ice to Antarctica with so much bad luck that it crashed in Emperor-Land.

Mumble, with the help of the Adelies penguins (Summoned by Boadicea) and the elephants seals (Headed by Bryan), destroyed parts of the iceberg by dancing, creating a kind of tunnel and the trapped penguins escaped trought it.


  • The Doomberg can also be mentioned in Happy Feet Fan-Fictions.
  • In MarioFan65's Fan Made game Happy Feet Racing, The Underground is part of the Doomberg and the Course name is called "Doomberg Cave".