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Adult Gloria's close up in Happy Feet Two

Adult Gloria's close up in Happy Feet

Baby Gloria's close up

Gender Female
Relatives Father: Maurice
Mother: Michelle
Mate: Mumble
Son: Erik
Father-in-Law: Memphis
Mother-in-Law: Norma Jean
Appearance Feathers: Black
Eyes: Brown
Voiced By Alyssa Shafer (Baby)
Brittany Murphy (Adult in Happy Feet)
Pink (Happy Feet Two)

Gloria is a female emperor penguin from the Happy Feet franchise and is known as one of the best females singers. She is the daughter of Maurice and Michelle, the mate of Mumble, and the mother of Erik. She was treated similarly to how Norma Jean was, as all of the males wanted to mate with her. Her heart song is "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind, and Fire.


When BabyEdit

As a chick, she was not much distinguished from the other chicks in Emperor-Land. She was a light grey, fuzzy, with brown eyes, and a dark grey patch on her chest.

When Grown UpEdit

Gloria has a white underside with a yellow patch on her chest, like other female Emperor Penguins. The feathers on her head are black, and some feathers coloured indigo.She also has brown eyes.

In Happy Feet Two, her physical appearance is different than the first movie. Her back and tail feathers are slightly brighter. And the yellow patch changed to gold, but you still can see her yellow colour (at least a little).


Gloria is generally soft-spoken. She is kind and doesn't tolerate Mumble or anyone else being teased. This is just one more similarity to Mumble's mother, Norma Jean. She isn't known to get upset, but she is kind of proud and got very mad when her singing was insulted. This could significate a hint of vanity in her.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this character makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • Two Glorias in one video and one character
    In San Diego's SeaWorld, there is an emperor penguin named "Gloria" that has the same name as the character from the movie. For the video, click here.
  • In the Fanfiction series "Mumble SquarePants", Gloria plays as Sandy, so he personality is the same, but slightly modified to be a little bit Hard Core.