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Happy Feet Racing Logo

Happy Feet Racing is a fan-made game by MarioFan65. It features characters and designing your own tracks. It is similar to sliding games from the Happy Feet video game and Happy Feet Two: The Video Game.


From the world of Antarctica, Mumble and his friends are thinking to have a race and then they begin to start up a idea. Now they headed over to one of the sliding places and they race each other for the fastest to win. They build karts for everyone to race all over the continent.

No longer is the game based on the fastest player, but now the player with the skills to survive. Who will claim the title of top survivalist, enter the games and find out.


  • Single Player
    • Grand Prix - Race for 1st place in cups of 4 courses
    • Time Trial - Race alone to acheive your best time
    • Custom Race - Race against opponents on Custom Created Cups
    • Battle - Battle against your opponents. As a new feature, you can now set a time limit.
      • Balloon Battle - Balloons came out from Antarctica and Pop your opponents' balloons.
      • Lovestone Runners - Collect as many Lovestones as you can!
      • Fish Showdown - Gather as many of your opponents' Fishes.
    • Story Mode - Play as your Penguin and complete Happy Feet Racing themed missions (Unlockable Content)
      • Mission Mode - Play missions you have previously completed (Unlockable)
      • Boss Battles - Play Boss Battles that you have previously completed (Unlockable)
    • Stadium - Design your own Happy Feet Racing Tracks using the content available
  • Multiplayer
    • Vs - Race against your friends in Custom Cups or Custom Created Cups
    • Battle - Battle against your friends.
  • Online Mode


Heartsong Cup Penguin Cup Lovestone Cup Special Cup
Penguin Land Adélie Land Cloudy Land Polar Bear Land

Ice Valley

Doomberg Cave Mumble Circuit Peter I Island
Snow Hill Island Seymour Island Elephant Seal Beach Skua Fortress
Ice Cavern Penguin Slide Sven Lake

Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

Non-Unlockable Battle Courses Unlockable Battle Courses
Big Iceberg Seymour's Water Park (After winning the Lovestone Cup)
Frozen Lake Ice Block Fort (Race as Mumble 5 Times)
Researchers Aurora Krill World (Get Trap on a bubble 20 Times)
North Pole Big Ice Donut (Race in Any Cup without getting hit by Items)
Lovelace Raft (also known as Lovelace Float) Penguin Castle (Play all of the Characters in this Game)
Ice Bowl Emperor Stadium (Complete all cups in this game)

Playable Characters


Story Mode

Main article: Happy Feet Racing/Story Mode

Team Emperor

Mumble, Gloria, Maurice, Michelle, Norma Jean, Memphis, Erik, and much more Emperor Penguin Characters.

Team Adélie

Ramón, Rimon, Limon, Lombardo, Rinaldo, Raul, Nestor, Carmen.

Team Founders of Adélie-Land

Lovelace, Sven


  • 1. Penguin Land
  • 2. Mumble Circuit
  • 3. Ice Cavern
  • 4. Doomberg Cave
  • 5. Adélie Land
  • 6. Snowy Circuit
  • 7. Snow Hill Island
  • 8. Elephant Seal Beach
  • 9. Sven Lake
  • 10. Penguin Mountain
  • 11. Polar Bear Land
  • 12. Skua Fortress
  • 13. Alpha Skua's Lair (Final Course Level and Boss Battle)