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Lovelace's Appearance

2006 happy feet 034

Rainbow Lovelace

Lovelace's rainbow sweater and a wig

Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Eyes: Black and Red
Voiced By Robin Williams (Happy Feet/Happy Feet Two)
Fred Tatasciore (in video game)

Lovelace (formerly known as Guru) is a character from the Happy Feet franchise. He is voiced by Robin Williams, who also voiced Ramón. He is a chubby Rockhopper penguin, who has many females that want to mate with him due to his high number of Lovestones, which he gets from charging people to talk to him.


Lovelace thinks of himself as a guru. Many of the penguins come to him for answers, having to give him Lovestones in order to recieve one. The amount of Lovestones he has makes him the most elligible mate, although he never settles down with one female. Because of the "talisman" around his neck, many do not question what he says. He is somewhat obnoxious, and gets angry if someone doesn't believe his answers.


2006 happy feet 034

Lovelace with his talisman

Lovelace is an overweight Rockhopper penguin. He is most distingushed from the others by his red beak and his bright yellow crests, and as he lives with the Adélie penguins in Adélie-Land
Lovelace's Appearance

Lovelace without his talisman

, he stands out in his large nest pile. Upon his first visual appearance, Lovelace has a plastic six-pack ring caught around his neck when he was swimming. However during the killer whale fight at the Forbidden Shore, his talisman was removed later in the film. Without his talisman, he looks like a normal rockhopper penguin with a fat body at the end of the first film and has a yellow and black "crown" unique to rockhoppers.
Rainbow Lovelace

Rainbow Lovelace

Lovelace's rainbow sweater and a wig

Lovelace with a rainbow wig and a ripped rainbow sweater at the end of the film

In Happy Feet Two, the first (and only) thing you might notice different about Lovelace with his new rainbow sweater that "the aliens" gave to him. He has also moved on to a larger audience and is speaking off of a green patch of grass instead of his previous Lovestone pile in the new Adelie-Land. During the song "Under Pressure", Lovelace sildes down and land on a hill only to have his sweater ripped apart. At the end of the movie, he has a rainbow hat/wig on when he leaves Emperor-Land.


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