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Gender Female
Relatives Mate: Maurice
Daugther: Gloria
Grandson: Erik
Father: Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Mother: Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Appearance Black Eyes: Brown Eyes
Voiced By Chrissie Hynde

Michelle is the mate of Maurice and the mother of Gloria. She is a minor character in Happy Feet and also appear as her full role and a minor role in the fan-fictions.


Michelle is a female emperor penguin who has brown eyes like her daughter, a pink mouth on her beak, and a gold patch on her chest.


Not much about Michelle is known, possibly due to her lack of airing time, but she did display resentment towards Mumble, along with her husband Maurice, The Elders and Memphis. It's possible that she later changed her opinion about Mumble's dancing at the end of the first movie.

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Fanon HeartsongsEdit

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  • Got to be Real by Cheryl Lynn (in MarioFan65's fan stories)

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