Mumble Happy Feet

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Mumble Happy Feet is the nickname of Mumble because his tapping feet that he is called "Happy Feet". He is known as the worst singer in the history (Actually, he can't sing).

The "Happy-Feet dance" is a sort of claqué or american tapping, but with a kind of latin style (Like the movements in which there is a lot of bold body contact that he made with Gloria, while she was singing Boogie Wonderland). It's very dificult to describe, since Mumble can dance at the rhythm of every song and singing style (From the british rock to the South-American mambo).


Mumble is a emperor penguin who can't sing, but he can dance instead. He use his tap-dancing to literally sing with his body. Mumble was known as the outcast one because, after trying to do the mating ritual with Gloria dancing, he embarrased himself in front of the communtiy with his "Happy Feet" and was banished from the territory. Then he found the aliens, but they putted him in a zoo. There he attract they attention by dancing, and the aliens released him in Antarctica again to see if there was more dancing penguins. When Mumble arrived Emperor-Land, he tried to make everyone dance. The others penguins didn't believe in him at first, but after seeing the tracking devise in Mumble's back (And after this devise started to do some beeping noises) the others began to dance with him(except for The Elders (Emperor Penguins), at least not at first). A alien's search party arrived to Emperor-Land in helicopter and witnessed the whole event. The alien's leaders declared a ban in the Antarctica fishing's activities, and the fish started to come back to Emperor-Land's shores. Mumble is transformed into a hero and is nicknamed "Mumble Happy Feet"

Gloria also calls Mumble "Twinkletoes", but in a lovingly way.


  • His tap dancing is also seen in All Happy Feet Films and Fan Fictions.