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Noah the Elder
Elder Noah
Gender Male
Relatives Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Appearance Black eyes: Orange eyes
Voiced By Hugo Weaving

Noah the Elder is the aging patriarch of the deceased home, Emperor-Land and the leader of its council of elders from the Happy Feet franchise. He is trying to hold his beloved community together through increasingly difficult times.


Noah is also the only penguin that has a hunched back, and orange eyes.


Supported by a cradle of Elders, Noah is a forceful leader, but he struggles to withstand the winds of change. Mumble and his "Happy Feet" was treated as a threat to his authority and dignity of his proud Emperor Nation. But after he has seen the aliens, he begins to dance as well. In Happy Feet Two, he is seen as a more supportive character, having accepted dancing as the penguin way of life. He keeps the nation intact while trapped by the Doomberg and never loses hope. He is devoted to protect his beloved nation through all the rough times.


  • He is played by Hugo Weaving who also did Red Skull who was the antagonist of Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • Noah has a best friend named Eggbert.
  • Noah's threatning behavoir caused him to be the main antagonist of the film but, he was never a true villain.

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