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Norma Jean
Char 58553
Gender Female
Relatives Husband: Memphis
Son: Mumble
Grandson: Erik
Voiced By Nicole Kidman

Norma Jean is the mother of Mumble and mate of Memphis. She is also Erik's grandmother. Her Heartsong is "Kiss" by Prince. She is like Gloria, was one of the most wanted females.


Norma Jean is rather soft spoken, only truly getting upset when Mumble is being unjustly reprimanded by others for being different. This lands her in disputes with Memphis and The Elders. She has a clear sense of right and wrong and is a very loving person.


Norma Jean appears to waddle with emphasized hip movement. She has a very sinewy-like-body, and although people overlook it, the spot on her left side of her chest is actually a very small N if one looks really close. She can also be picked out by her very soft, high voice and prominent cheek bones.


  • Actually, Norma Jean made a cameo in Happy Feet Two. She appeared with Memphis, talking with The Elders. She also appeared as "uncredited cameo".
  • Norma Jean is named after Marilyn Monroe, who was born Norma Jean Mortensen.

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