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Char 58562
Gender Male
Relatives Son: Atticus
Mate: Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Mother: Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Father: Can be any in Fan-Fictons
Appearance Black Eyes: Yellow Eyes
Voiced By Cesar Flores (as a baby)
Fat Joe (Adult in Happy Feet)
Common (Happy Feet Two)
This article is about a character named Seymour. For the island near the Antarctic Peninsula, see Seymour Island.

Seymour is a character who appeared in the Happy Feet franchise. He is the larger and bigger male Emperor Penguin in Emperor-Land. He is also the father of Atticus. Seymour was voiced by Fat Joe in first movie and Common in the second movie.


Seymour is the penguin who falls in love with Gloria, the best singer in Emperor Land, although he is very large with visible body-fat, if viewed. He also appeared as a minor character in the Happy Feet movie and as a main character in Happy Feet Two.

Seymour also seemed to have such a small family in Happy Feet Two. His most visible member of his family is his son, Atticus, the taller and the best chick in Emperor-Land. Seymour also cares about his son greatly, and also has a closest relationship with both of them.


Seymour looks like the bigger and larger Emperor Penguin. He has gold patch in his chest at Happy Feet, the shorter feet, white and black feathers, like other Emperor Penguins. Also in his black feathers, some feathers coloured gray. But in Happy Feet Two, Seymour looks different. He has yellow-to-gold colour in his patch, and his back coloured black (not mixed with gray like in Happy Feet).

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

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  • Seymour falls in love with Gloria, but he doesn't get married with her (marrying Mumble instead).
  • Seymour and Gloria are the only known penguins who never mocked Mumble for his differences, and Seymour refers to Mumble as "Brother" in Happy Feet Two, suggesting that Seymour and Mumble were possibly already friends during childhood. This is further supported by the fact that Seymour shows no anger or sadness when Gloria chooses Mumble.
  • It's possible that Seymour got his name from the Seymour Islands.