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Terry the Penguin

Happy Feet OC - Terry the Penguin (2018)

Teen Terry (HFFW)

Baby Terry (HFFW)

Gender Male
Relatives Father: Tarry
Mother: Terri
Mate: Mary
Daughter: Ashley
Appearance Black Eyes: Light Green Eyes
Voiced By Elizabeth Daily (as a baby)
James Arnold Taylor (as a adult)
Not to be confused with Terri the Penguin.

Terry the Penguin (also known as Terry the Emperor Penguin or Terry for a short) is a fan-made character by MarioFan65. He is a male emperor penguin who is the father of Ashley, the grandfather of Tarry, the grandmother of Terri and the mate of Mary. His heartsong is "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo.


In his life, he lives in Emperor Village which is located in Marie Byrd Land and lives in his house. He likes to play with his ice stick all day but his family dosen't like it at all. He trains with his father to defeat the polar bears and after many years, he is an adult. When he first met Mumble, he tells his backstory about how he got attacked by polar bears with his friend (before mate) Mary. While the penguins of Adélie-Land moves in Penguin-Land, Terry begins to train with Lovelace because, he is fat and powerful. Terry thinks that he ate a lot of fish but Lovelace dislike him after he hates Mumble for so many questions. When the war begins on Snowy Plains, Terry was fighting against many polar bears while his mate is with Edwin and Dorcena are batting the lazy polar bears. In the final round, Mumble and Terry are fighting King Polar, but when the Doomberg moves slowy, everything was cracking on Snowy Plains and he and Mumble defeated him by doing a fu kick. After the war is done, the next day begins when King Polar and his crew reformed to good and says that he doesn't kill seals or penguins anymore. Terry was happy with that.


As a BabyEdit

As a baby, he has green eyes and clean fur like Atticus when he was a baby. He is very close to Baby Mumble (without his bow-tie). He also does tap dancing.

As a TeenagerEdit

Req terry the penguin tickle torment

A drawing of Teen Terry getting tickled by Penguin-Lover

As a teenager, he looks like a baby penguin. His grey feathers when a baby appear and close half of his body. But still has green eyes, Black and white feathers, and normal emperor penguin beak and feet. But he has a dark grey fur cover front on his neck and has three black spots on his leg feathers that give the appearence of spats. His grey feathers resemble a vest.

As an AdultEdit

As an adult, he has an orange mouth, a similar look to the male emperor penguins (that are in the background), a yellow C fliped on his chest, and grey feet with black nails.


  • When he was a baby, he and Mary faced the Polar Bears from King Polar.
  • He alway play with his ice stick (also his weapon to attack the polar bears).
  • He is the main protagonist in MarioFan65's fan-fiction, The Story of Terry the Penguin.
  • He is a playable character in MarioFan65's fan game, Happy Feet Racing.
  • He is older than Mumble.
  • Terry is the first Happy Feet character (by MarioFan65) to feature his main item that would defead the predators.
  • Terry is the only Happy Feet character (by MarioFan65) who is plain like the other penguins are.
  • His fighting skills are similar to Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • One of his names were originaly "Ralph" and "Art".
  • In Happy Feet Battle Royale, he appears as a playable character and his final smash is Ice Spin Beam.
  • In Happy Meal Time, he appears as "Muscles Terry".
  • When he first went to Skua-Land, he hated it because, there a lot of skuas that would eat him but as an adult, but they don't.
  • This character is an on-take by NewMarioFan65 (formerly as MarioFan65).
  • One of his looks resembles Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Baby Terry's singing voice is similar to Erik's singing voice in Happy Feet Two.
  • In fan art of Terry the Penguin, some of his looks with his C fliped are upside.
  • Terry was the first baby penguin character to be brave.


  • Mom, Dad, can i go to the pool today?
  • A song with music on it and we have to find our heartsongs all by ourselves.
  • We have to RUN!
  • Hi there and what do you need
  • Oh yes!
  • Wives' Ho!
  • I'm one of the bravest penguins like Mumble and Ramón (talking to Sven after leaving Adélie-Land)
  • No, i'm not talking about the Boss Skua, i was taking about my girlfriend (Terry talking to his father about Mary)
  • Anyways, my father would be better if he could stop the Polar Bears.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

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