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"The Fish Job 2"


"Buckalow Comes Back"

"The Cluster School" is the 54th episode of Happy Peep written by MarioFan65. It was released on September 10, 2017‎.



(In Ice Winds Middle School, 8am before school starts students were heading to the cafeteria for breakfast)

  • Montay: Man, it so good to have breakfast at school, right Aldo?
  • Aldo: Yes. I love it when it get fishy.
  • Montay: I wonder why we alway eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Aldo: That what The Great 'Guin wanted for us to do.
  • Montay: Yeah, can we eat krill or something?
  • Aldo: I better think of something. What can i like?
  • Montay: Candy, Alto like candy. Ah ha, i got it.

(In Carlos' table)

  • Carlos: Well, well, well. What do we have here?
  • Ting-Ting: Cha Cha Cha?
  • Carlos: No Ting-Ting. Blazer, do you have any idea?
  • Blazer: I'm going to pass my test today. I hope i get an A.
  • Dylan: No F's like the failures.
  • Alto: No loco crazy at all times.
  • Dylan: Oh boy. I feel so good.
  • Ting-Ting: Oh boy, fresh in the table of a sea lion.
  • Carlos: Not sea lion you stupid.
  • Ting-Ting: Oh, my bad.

(Back at Montay's table)

  • Montay: Aldo, i have a better idea, take one of Alto's candy and bring it to me.
  • Aldo: Yes sir. I will do the job for you. I'm the man.
  • Montay: Go. Get it quick from that fart eater.
  • Aldo: Ok. I do it.

(Aldo sneak into Carlos' table)

  • Carlos: Well boys, the candy is ours.
  • Dylan: Candy for breakfast?
  • Carlos: Yes, we eat it up.
  • Alto: But it's my candy.
  • Carlos: You never share Alto. Give it to ours.
  • Blazer: Yeah. You be a big boy now.
  • Ting-Ting: And be strong like the leopard seals.
  • Aldo: *sneak on the table and grab the candy*
  • Alto: Ah! Candy stealer!
  • Carlos: Get the boy!
  • Dylan: I'll get him.
  • Blazer: *block Aldo* Not so fast kid.
  • Aldo: Hey. *fight Blazer*
  • Ting-Ting: Go Blazer, Go.
  • Blazer: *slap Aldo*
  • Aldo: Ow.
  • Dylan: *stand on the tables* I'm gonna jump! *land on Blazer and Aldo*
  • Blazer: Hey!
  • Aldo: Let's fight.

(Dylan, Blazer and Aldo fight together)

  • Ting-Ting: Cha Cha Cha.
  • Alto: Wow.
  • Carlos: I can't believe it. What is going on here?
  • Alto: Give me back my candy!
  • Aldo: No! *punch Alto*
  • Alto: Ah. My face.
  • Carlos: You monster! *fight Aldo*
  • Aldo: Leave it alone. *punch Carlos*
  • Carlos: Ah! Not again. *slap Aldo*
  • Aldo: Ow. You icetard.
  • Carlos: Give me the candy.
  • Aldo: *throw the candy at Dylan and Blazer*
  • Dylan: Ouch.
  • Blazer: What a whip.
  • Montay: Get the candy quick.
  • Aldo: What that?
  • Alto: You can't have it.
  • Aldo: It's mine, not yours.
  • Carlos: Hey, give it back.
  • Blazer: You're done. Not a thing for you.
  • Dylan: And that's not a toy.
  • Ting-Ting: Come on Aldo, you learned your lesson.
  • Aldo: No. Not without a fight. *punch Carlos*
  • Carlos: Watch it amigo. *punch Aldo*
  • Aldo: You punch me again? Now I flip you back. *grab and roll Carlos*
  • Ting-Ting: Ooh! That's funny.
  • Dylan: *jump to Montay* Yippa yoo!
  • Montay: Hey.
  • Dylan: I'm a cute boy.
  • Montay: *stand up and slam Dylan* Watch it!
  • Dylan: Cut it off.
  • Alto: Hey lazy man. Look out.
  • Montay: *punch Dylan* That candy is Aldo's!
  • Dylan: It's not his. It's ours.
  • Aldo: *throw Carlos to Dylan* Take that!
  • Carlos: Hey.
  • Dylan: Whoa.
  • Montay: Stop it you two.
  • Cho Cho: Yeah. You guys need to chill out.
  • Montay: Stop it now!
  • Aldo: *beat up Carlos* Die!
  • Carlos: Whoa. That tickles.
  • Dylan: *push Montay* Ooh!
  • Montay: Watch it.
  • Dylan: *grab Aldo* Slam, slam, slam.
  • Aldo: Get off of me now.
  • Carlos: *slam Dylan and Aldo* Stop it you two!
  • Montay: *kick Carlos' butt* Watch it where your fighting in.
  • Aldo: MINE!
  • Dylan: Stop that.
  • Fango: What is going on where? Montay, Aldo, Carlos and Dylan, principal's office now!
  • Montay, Aldo, Carlos and Dylan: What?

(At Principal Fango's office)

  • Montay: Uh..........
  • Aldo: Why are we here for?
  • Carlos: Are we in trouble?
  • Dylan: Is it nap time?
  • Fango: No. You guys are here for a reason.
  • Montay: Like what?
  • Aldo: Making a bedtime story?
  • Fango: No! After all these years of behavior, i'm going to port you guys somewhere.
  • Montay: What? What did we do?
  • Fango: You guys were fighting together, drawing lines on the wall, messing up the bathroom, have bad behaviors in detention and fighting all together during lunch time.
  • Carlos: That can't be a chance.
  • Fango: Oh, i have something special for you Dylan.
  • Dylan: Like what?
  • Fango: Refusing to work, act silly, sleep during class and try to cut people feathers off.
  • Dylan: But the adults don't have feathers. The chicks do.
  • Carlos: Oh yeah, he was stealing lunch pebbles from other people as well.
  • Dylan: Hey.
  • Fango: That not what i'm talking about.
  • Carlos: You can't be serious about it.
  • Dylan: Yeah. It's a mistake. Can you give us one more chance.
  • Fango: Of course you can.
  • Aldo: Really?
  • Fango: NO! I fooled you all.
  • Montay: Awww.
  • Carlos: We're all gonna die!
  • Fango: You're all going to cluster school.
  • Aldo: Cluster school?!
  • Fango: Yes. You four are going to Bad Manners Cluster School.
  • Montay: What is that suppose to mean?
  • Fango: It's a school where people go with mental problems and bad behaviors. You four are one of them and you're getting transported there.
  • Aldo: Well, i'm not going.
  • Fango: Go, now! I have the map where the school is located. For the mark of my words, leave!

(At the plains of Antarctica)

  • Montay: Man, i hate being expelled.
  • Aldo: This is such a shame.
  • Carlos: You blamed on us.
  • Dylan: I don't know what is going on with the world.
  • Montay: We could end up in some hell place. But i don't know why.
  • Dylan: There is so much torture out there.
  • Montay: I thought that Slikk guy from Penguin-Land was already in the cluster school. But he left years ago.
  • Aldo: What does the map said?
  • Montay: We were suppose to go straight. Oh, there it is.
  • Carlos: Oh no.

(The gang found Bad Manners Cluster School)

  • Montay: Bad Manners Cluster School? What kind of school is this, when you don't give manners to people and have some bad attitude or something.
  • Aldo: This school is real. The principal is right about it.
  • Carlos: I guess we're gonna die there.
  • Dylan: Who cares, let's go inside and check it out.
  • Montay: Dylan, you know that this place is going to be bad.
  • Aldo: I have a bad feeling about this.

(Inside of Bad Manners Cluster School)

  • Montay: This place look empty.
  • Aldo: Is this a joke? Did we just end up in some fraud place?
  • Carlos: Looks dirty to me.
  • Dylan: The floor is even a mess.

(The bell rings)

  • Aldo: Did the bell ring because, we're new.
  • Montay: No. That means.

(The kids start coming out, running, panicing, screaming and hopping in the hallway)

  • Carlos: What is this?
  • Ting-Ting: This place is like a horror movie!
  • Montay: Let's get out of here and go back to real school.
  • Aldo: We can't. We're stuck with the students and almost every one of them is loco.
  • Montay: Can we tell Fango that we're done with cluster school?
  • Aldo: No. We haven't even started it. Let's go check what the classes are like.
  • Carlos: I reallv have a bad feeling about this.

(The students are watching the fight in the hallway)

  • Students: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
  • Adelie Student #1: *beat up the student*
  • Adelie Student #2: What a icehole you are.
  • Adelie Student #1: Suit yourself.
  • Adelie Student #2: You know we're stuck in here and all you do is fight like we did two years ago.
  • Adelie Student #3: Come on man, show some strongest and heart in you.
  • Adelie Penguin #1: I'll beat your butt.

(With Montay, Aldo, Carlos and Ting-Ting)

  • Carlos: What a mess.
  • Dylan: It's a disaster. So many crazy people there.

(The adelie penguin chicks are hopping next to Montay and the gang)

  • Montay: Move back!
  • Aldo: Whoa.
  • Carlos: I didn't see that coming.
  • Dylan: Is this a fun fair or what?
  • Montay: Book fair?
  • Carlos: We don't read books. I wonder why we ended up in some prison-like school.
  • Aldo: This school is really that dumb.
  • Montay: It's way more loco than you expected.
  • Aldo: Are we suppose to be in class?
  • Montay: Well, let's find out.

(At the bathroom)

  • Chinstrap Student #1: Get out now.
  • Chinstrap Student #2: We really have to go.
  • Aldo: Yo, what's up?
  • Chinstrap Student #1: What do you want?
  • Montay: I think we have a challenge.
  • Carlos: Yeah!
  • Ting-Ting: Someone is going loco.
  • Aldo: Man, i feel like crushing!
  • Emperor Student #1: I'm at the toilet. Just wait for a minute.
  • Emperor Student #2: You're day dreaming, are you?
  • Emperor Student #1: No!
  • Montay: Bring it on.
  • Carlos: *fight against the students*
  • Montay: *jump and knock down the student*
  • Aldo: *beat up the bullies* Yeah. Get out of here.
  • Montay: You got something to say?
  • Dylan: Knock it off.
  • Carlos: *beat the bullies up* Yeah! Take that.
  • Montay: *knock the bullies out* That should teach a lesson.
  • Emperor Student #1: *get out of the bathroom* Sorry boys, what a long wee day.
  • Montay: Boy, that was a close one.
  • Cluster School Principal: What the heck is this?
  • Carlos: What do you mean?
  • Cluster School Principal: In my office, now!

(At the principal's office)

  • Montay: *gulps* I'm scared.
  • Aldo: But today it's our first day. What do you want from us?
  • Cluster School Principal: This is your first day of Cluster School. Well, well, well. It seems that i saw you guys fighting at the bathroom.
  • Montay: What did we do that was wrong?
  • Aldo: Yeah. You didn't see us all the way there.
  • Carlos: Did you watch it in your mind?
  • Dylan: Are you making it up?
  • Cluster School Principal: No. I have cameras all over the place.
  • Montay: All over the place?
  • Aldo: Like how many?
  • Cluster School Principal: 30 cameras have been placed on the ceiling to watch you guys.
  • Aldo: That can't be happening.
  • Carlos: Now we're gonna be in trouble for real big time.
  • Cluster School Principal: You are not in trouble. I placed every camera in the rooms so all of you lazy guys would get caught by me.
  • Montay: You're a stalker!
  • Aldo: You want trouble? Here's some trouble for you.
  • Cluster School Principal: Be quiet! I alway get sick of you guys.
  • Montay: Who are you and what's your name?
  • Facundo: My name is Principal Facundo, the principal of Bad Manners Cluster School.
  • Aldo: Get us out of here.
  • Facundo: No! This is your first warning now. You're going to mental class.
  • Carlos: Mental class?
  • Dylan: What a mental class?
  • Facundo: Mental class is a class for students with anger and mental problems like you! You're going there and that's final.
  • Montay: No way we're going.
  • Facundo: Too bad so sad. You're going and that's the last final time! That's it! OUT!
  • Montay: Fine. We'll just go.
  • Aldo: The class schedules are messed up.
  • Carlos: We'll think about it.
  • Dylan: I can't believe we are in a hell of school.
  • Facundo: I know what i can do with these chicks. *evil laugh*

(At the mental class)

  • Mental Class Teacher: Welcome to mental class, today you will be writing a essay on your anger problems in life. Four young man, have a seat!
  • Montay: Fine.
  • Aldo: Hey look, there's four desk in the loser side.
  • Carlos: Who wanna go to the loser side?
  • Dylan: Yeha. Let's have some real friends.
  • Mental Class Teacher: Be quiet. I know some of you guys were grounded in life. Even for a skua trying to capture you or a leopard seal trying to eat you alike.
  • Dylan: What about a killer whale?
  • Mental Class Teacher: Ah! Shut the heck up. You got it wrong.
  • Dylan: Darn it.
  • Carlos: I thought all the teachers are ladies.
  • Montay: Psst, some teachers are men like him.
  • Mental Class Teacher: Be quiet fast boy!
  • Montay: Oh snap.
  • Mental Class Teacher: What you're gonna do is, take a essay about your behavior.
  • Aldo: No way, i'm doing this junk.
  • Montay: Me too.
  • Carlos: This stinks.
  • Dylan: Oh boy.
  • Aldo: I'm ain't doing it.
  • Mental Class Teacher: Work!
  • Montay: Fine.
  • Aldo: We're doing this stupid essay anyways.
  • Carlos: I never want to do work in life.
  • Dylan: Oh boy, time to go to work.
  • Montay: But we are in school right now.
  • Aldo: What's the worse case that could happen?
  • Montay: I hate this work.
  • Mental Class Teacher: Work you son of a craig!
  • Montay: Fine, we work together.
  • Dylan: Oh boy, this is so easy.
  • Carlos: It's not easy, it's hard.
  • Dylan: Awwwww.
  • Mental Class Teacher: No talking. Work!
  • Carlos: Damn, fine.
  • Montay: Such a waste of work.

(Back at Principal Facundo's office)

  • Facundo: Such a little fool of penguins. I torture every student around for the failure of life. No one will ever stop me by the creation of this fool. There is something to show. *enter his secret lab, revealing his walking mecha* Ah ha, perfect-o. This mecha will destroy the powered penguins and i will be able to rule all the schools in the world. No one will tell me what to do. *evil laugh*

(Back at mental class, Montay, Aldo, Carlos and Ting-Ting are finished with their work)

  • Montay: Done!
  • Aldo: I'm finish.
  • Mental Class Teacher: Are you done? For real?
  • Carlos: Yes, we are all done.
  • Dylan: This essay is so easy.
  • Montay: Hey, we haven't even studied since we're new to this school.
  • Mental Class Teacher: I don't care about studying. Just give me the paper.
  • Montay: Okay.
  • Aldo: Here you go.
  • Mental Class Teacher: Good, now i can check while you guys sit down and be quiet.
  • Aldo: *gulp* Yes, por favor.
  • Mental Class Teacher: You seem frightening.
  • Aldo: Huh?



  • Bad Manners Cluster School was first referenced in the previous episode "The Fish Job 2".
  • This is the last episode with Ting-Ting's old personality. Starting in Season 6 with the episode "Loco House Adventure", Ting-Ting will start off with a new personality with a bit goofy.
  • This is Aldo's first appearance.