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White Cloud Land
White Cloud Land (New Version)
Greater Location The Skies of Antarctica
Residents Penguins
Inhabitants Gods
Events N/A

White Cloud Land (also known as Cloudy Land in Happy Feet Racing 1 and 3) is a cloud world located up in the sky of Antarctica. In Happy Feet Four (MarioFan65's Version), it was also seen and parts of Cloudy Land were splitting in half because of Dark Cloud Land and Darksmoke send his minons to move the half part of Cloudy Land and now everyone begins to relax from the dark.


Places of InterestEdit

  • Welcome Center: The place where Emperor Penguins welcome other penguin species and the cloud door will open and you will HAVE FUN OVER THERE :).
  • Race Track: the place where Lorry Rickerson guard the race course and have the penguins race and it is only seen in Happy Feet Racing.
  • Boogie Wonderland: The place where everyone dances and it is part of Gloria's heartsong and we can see the race track over there.
  • Cloud Castle: This is where penguins go and eat food and all of the Great 'Guins (the penguin gods) lives here in their bedrooms.
  • Danger Zone: A dangerous place where there trails that are blocking the cilff since Dark Cloud Land was created by Darksmoke.


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